Here you will find various construction fence banners

Construction fence banners ensure safety, recognition and charisma
Construction fences serve as a barrier for a construction site or an event, but are also a perfect means of communication. A construction fence banner minimizes visibility and creates maximum attention for a message. Make your customer stand out from the crowd and choose a construction fence banner with a personal print.

From restricted vision to effective advertising
A construction fence banner is a commercial eye-catcher with a size of approx. 6 m². Fences are primarily seen as a means of cordoning off an area, but you can do so much more with fences! The edge of a space is a very effective stage for outdoor advertising; for a company, location marketing, sales support and signage. Experience photos, an explanation of the various construction phases, information about a festival on the site fence ensure protection, security and atmosphere.

Choose your material for printed construction fence banners:
You can choose from different types of fabric:

Mesh cloth is a PVC fabric with a matt, open structure as a gauze. This makes the material transparent and permeable to air.
Banner 510 is the heavier PVC fabric. It is ideally suited as a construction fence banner for long-term outdoor use. In addition, it is 100% European quality.
A transparent polyester fabric with a fine structure and a slightly shiny look: this is the flag fabric. The material is only printed on one side and has a penetration of 98%.
ProPES Outdoor has the highest possible color intensity and absorbs the light, which gives it a matt appearance. It is also water repellent. ProPES is a foldable and lightweight material, so you can easily assemble it and ship it in a compact package.
Ready for immediate use
The construction fence banner is 335 x 173 cm in size and has eyelets every 30 cm. You will achieve the best end result if you attach the fence banners with cable ties. Choose from no less than six different colors of cable ties to match your design. A construction fence banner is therefore immediately ready for use and suitable for long-term use indoors and / or outdoors.

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