Logo Redesign

when is it really necessary?

Companies are always evolving. They adapt their processes and align themselves with the progress and wishes of the customers. Time does not stand still. For the corporate design, it does! As much as a company may change and no matter how long it has existed, one thing unfortunately does not change with it and that is the appearance.
First and foremost the logo. When is it time to think about a logo redesign and what do you have to consider?
What are the reasons for a redesign of the logo?
A good reason for a redesign is if the logo is getting on in years and now looks rather pale next to the competition. Assuming the company was founded in the 70s and the logo comes from that time, then a redesign should be considered carefully. What was well received 40 years ago may seem old-fashioned today and thus gives the impression that the company philosophy and the products are not up to date either.
Another reason could be that the focus of the business has changed and the logo no longer matches the original main product range. The company then stands for something completely different, as is the case with NOKIA, for example. Originally it was a Finnish wood pulp manufacturer. There is a big difference between the sale of toilet paper and electronics and so the logo was redesigned and developed into what we know around the world today.

In addition to changes in the company, external circumstances can also be a reason for reconsidering a redesign. Trends or levels of awareness are important factors. Of course, a company cannot change its corporate design with every new trend. But maybe at some point it will be time to turn a very striking or overloaded design into a reduced version that offers recognition value and continues to include the main element of the logo.
Companies like Starbucks are doing this and are taking a step that is a dream for every company, namely: to be recognized by the purely figurative mark. The figurative marks of Starbucks, Nike, Apple and Co. do not need any further explanation as to which company it is and what it stands for.

What must be considered in a redesign?

If you decide to redesign, you also decide to change the entire appearance. Since the logo is the figurehead of the company and is therefore represented everywhere, other parts of the business equipment must also be adapted. In addition to the usual documents such as invoices, stationery and business cards, this also includes the adaptation of the online presence and such things as signage, employee IDs and company cars. This is of course a cost factor that you have to consider when considering a redesign.

If a company is considering a redesign, it is a good idea to approach it like a chameleon, looking where it's going while looking where it's coming from. It's about the same with the redesign. Looking to the future, an important part of the company should not be lost sight of and these are the existing customers. If these are to remain customers, then they must not be offended with the new appearance. If you lean too far out of the window, you run the risk of losing loyal customers who might wonder who they are suddenly dealing with.

When it comes to redesign, it is also important that extensive feedback is obtained from all sides. Colleagues and friends, but mainly people who correspond to the target group, can provide crucial feedback. Too many of you may notice that the new design could be misunderstood or not understood at all. So the more people you ask, the better. When the Pepsi logo was redesigned, such extensive feedback could have had a decisive influence on the end result. The new Pepsi design was about using existing means to convey a new message. So the wave in the old figurative mark became a smile in the new one. However, it was not at all clear to many that this was supposed to be a smile and left room for speculation, which ended in someone unceremoniously redesigning the new design into a masonry décolleté and thus a lot of commercials and negative press for the new Pepsi logo triggered.

You can also see that even among the most famous brands there are prime examples of successful and less successful redesigns. It can work, but it can also backfire. It is therefore important to think through this step carefully and not to underestimate it. If this is taken into account, the transition between what a sub